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From an idea, Haitians Rock grew and is flourishing as it is helping to promote pride in a people… From a background of activism and self determination, its founder and CEO, Ronald Timmer was raised to shine his light and share his optimism for a better tomorrow for generations that still shy away from their ancestry and history…

Who is this man? Ronald Timmer was born in New York City and raised in Haiti. As a young man, he straddled both cultures (American and Haitian) to find a balanced approach to his own image as a first generation Haitian-American. As a father, he looked to impart in his children a sense of self (in the way they want to define it and display it), but with pride in their father’s ancestry. Thus was born Haitians Rock. As the movement to promote and celebrate his people grew, Ronald saw the need to celebrate and promote others. He subsequently erected the Haiti Rocks line, created specifically for those who are not necessarily of Haitian descent but had a desire to support the cause; his all-inclusive line “Rock by Ronald Timmer” highlights Jamaicans, Trinidadians and other cultures in the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.

The Rock by Ronald Timmer brand is one that celebrates and looks to unify under one slogan all who feel that confidence in their ways and want to express it to the world! It is a brand that recognizes the beauty in each of us and collectively creates the beauty around us! So when we say "I Rock", it is because "We Rock"! So wear your gear proudly and represent what is great in you.... As creative beings who spring from the source of creation, all of our gifts emanate from that one source: our creativity, love, appreciation for what is good and duty to what is righteous! Thus, when we celebrate the good in us, we allow ourselves to acknowledge and celebrate the good in others... When we let our light shine, we allow others to do the same... When we share our passions and creations, it is to help others do the same! When we say WE ROCK, we also say YOU ROCK!

It is our hope that you heed our call and ROCK your way into the movement.... because this is not just a shirt but a RUN THE WORLD SHIRT!

 PS. For every T-Shirt sold, $5 will be donate to Project Ninie’s Children foundation in Haiti.